Real estate investment, whether long-term or short-term (especially) in Turkey is the largest and most important means of achieving material profit especially that this field is not restricted to the rich and the experts only, but any simple employee can invest his savings in it, and achieve material profit.

 Turkey has been ranked among the best countries to own a real estate , especially Istanbul, where it ranked ninth among the most visited countries in the world in 2018,

 Therefore, in a great country like Turkey, you may find what types of real estate are in your mind.

 When talking about long-term and short-term real estate investment, each type distinguishes it from others, but the common between them is safe and guaranteed profit.

Types of real estate in Turkey:

Residential real estate such as:

apartments, villas, palaces and chalets.

  2- Industrial real estate such as: factories, stores.

  3- Commercial real estate such as: administrative buildings, commercial centers, shops.

  4- Agricultural real estate , such as: farms, orchards.

  5- Real estate used for special purposes such as: government lands, mosques, churches, hospitals, schools.

  Long-term and short-term real estate investment:

  In real estate investment, there are two types of investment, as they choose their jobs in the field, and they are long-term and short-term real estate investment.

* Long-term real estate investment:

           Profits: This type of investment depends on buying real estate whose value is expected to increase in the future, so it is called a long-term or long-term investment, as the profits of its profits are taken over long periods.

           How: In this case, the investor buys a property at a price and its value is expected to increase over time, in which case it exceeds the period of taking one year’s investment profits.

           Advantages: Safer than short-term investment, but it is usually suitable for real estate or large projects, as it requires large liquidity.

* Short-term real estate investment:

           Profits: In this type of investment, profits are quick, as it depends on selling the real estate after purchasing it for a period not exceeding one year.

          How: The investor buys a real estate at a price and then adds some adjustments and improvements to it to increase its value, and sells it again at a higher price due to the modifications established on it, thus he reaps the profits in a short time.

           Advantages: This type of investment is suitable for small real estate and small projects such as land.

* Summarize the above:

 Real estate investment in both cases depends on seizing good opportunities, studying the real estate market adequately and identifying the recession and real estate boom seasons.

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Sahem has a qualified team of real estate consultants who work 24/7 to answer your inquiries.

Let us help you !

Sahem has a qualified team of real estate consultants who work 24/7 to answer your inquiries.